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Dear Sweet Filthy World

The Online Journal of Caitlín R. Kiernan

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"What I dread is this: that you'll be understood
Only by someone whose smile is helpless,
By someone who's lost.
What anguish--to search for the right word,
To lift sick eyelids,
And with lime-corroded blood
Gather night grasses for an alien tribe."
-- Osip Mandelshtam, The Eyesight of Wasps

"We don't tan, but we don't burn, either."
--Chiana, "Natural Election"

"'Cause you never can tell
What goes on down below!
This pool might be bigger
Than you or I know!"
-- Dr. Seuss, McElligot's Pool

"Set me aflame, and cast me free.
Away, you wretched world of tethers."
-- VNV Nation, "Solitary"

...and that's quite enough for now.

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User Number: 2853715
Date Created:2004-04-16
Number of Posts: 374

A rogue Nebari arms smuggler and assassin, Nar'eth is wanted in dozens of star systems. Turn-ons: sex, guns, explosions, fast starships, sushi, sex. Turn-offs: responsibility, authority, bad sushi, boring sex, Hynerians. Watch your eema.
Strengths: Like all Nebari, Nar'eth has a high tolerance for cold, as well as many lethal forms of radiation. Very agile. Snappy dresser.
Weaknesses: Poor conversationalist. Won't follow orders. Can't cook. Slightly tinked.
Special Skills: Expert with most pulse guns and laser knives. Skilled pilot. Keen astronavigational skills. Knows secret Delvian sex stuff.
Weapons: Guns. Laser knives. Knives. Hindu swords. Brute force.
Motto: I didn't do it.

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Dislikes:55: "intelligent design", animal cruelty, anti-art, bill gates, caviar, christina aguilera, closed minds, conservatives, consumerism, creationists, democrats who are really conservatives, dick cheney, dominionists, dust, fundamentalist christians, gender conformists, george w. bush, homophobes, house trailers, insincerity, intolerance, libertarians, microsoft, nationalism, noise, people who think it's more important to spend money on war than on life, people who whine on lj, population increase, porn that isn't sexy, poverty, pro-lifers, prunes, racism, radishes, reckless capitalism, religious zealots, republicans, rudeness, sexism, shoddy work, speciesism, squash, starbucks, suvs, the abuse of irony, the nra, the patriot act, those w bumperstickers, urban sprawl, wal-mart, war, wasting time, willful ignorance, windows boxes, wintergreen

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19th century, action figures, ad&d, algernon blackwood, alien sex, androids, angela carter, anne sexton, antarctica, arrakis, astronomy, aubrey beardsley, bdsm, bindi, biodiversity, biostratigraphy, blade runner, bloodplay, body modification, bodyart, caitlin kiernan, caitlin r. kiernan, cartography, coen brothers, corsetry, cosplay, costuming, crow t. robot, cryptozoology, cthulhu mythos, cybergoth, cyberpunk, dame darcy, darkwave, david bowie, deadwood, doctor who, dorian cleavenger, dr. seuss, drag, dragons, drow, ebm, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, ellen ripley, enviromentalism, europa, evolutionary biology, exobiology, extinction, extrasolar planets, fairies, farscape, film noir, final fantasy xii, fortean phenomena, futurama, futurepop, gary oldman, gender, ghosts, ghouls, goth, gustave dore, h. p. lovecraft, h. r. giger, harlan ellison, hentai, herpetology, houdini, ibooks, innsmouth, j. r. r. tolkien, jack the ripper, jelly beans, john carpenter's the thing, kathe koja, latex, laudanum, lewis carroll, lycanthropy, macs, mars, matthew arnold, meatcake, mermaids, misanthropy, monster movies, morphological freedom, mosasaurs, natural history museums, nebari, nick cave, nin, oceanography, paleontology, parahumans, paranormal investigation, peppers, placebo, playstation 2, population control, postmortem photography, r.e.m., radiohead, rasputina, ray bradbury, robots, rpgs, scarrans, sea serpents, second life, self-mutilation, sindarin, sisters of mercy, stained glass, steampunk, string theory, sushi, t. s. eliot, tarot, tattoos, taxonomy, tentacles, tequila, thai food, the cruxshadows, the cure, the decemberists, the fifth element, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, triassic period, trilobites, twi'leks, vampiric erotica, victorian flower language, vintage pornography, vnv nation, wicca, william blake, william gibson, william shakespeare, witchcraft, wookies, worldbuilding, xbox, zombies

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