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The good news? There is a bottom.

There actually are people who believe that 76˚F is a summer's day. They live here in Rhode Island.

I may have gotten four hours sleep last night. Maybe. I dreamt of Loch Ness for the first time in many months*, which is interesting. What subconscious landscape am I swinging back towards? And Eddie H., I dreamt of you, as well. Even after almost 24 years, I still do.

Nothing has been written. Nothing fiction-wise.

The summer I swam once.

But Sirenia Digest #90 is on its way. Thanks to the subscribers for their patience.

Yesterday evening Spooky and I visited an exhibit at RISD devoted to dandyism. We saw one of Andy Warhol's wigs, the only surviving article of clothing worn by Oscar Wilde (a white shirt), a tuxedo worn by Fred Astaire, a suit that once belonged to John Waters, and a beautiful velvet suit worn by Patti Smith. We inexplicably forgot the camera, so Spooky's going back on Sunday.

Aunt Beast

*Actually, no. I see there was a LN dream on August 6th. Even more interesting.
Tags: dreams, green autumn, insomnia, loch ness, loss, not enough sleep, not writing, sirenia late, style

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