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"Renegade priests and treacherous young witches."

Yesterday, I wrote 1,247 words on Chapter One of Cherry Bomb.

Today, we're back to Green Autumn.

I'm becoming obsessed with the cost of seeing films. As recently as the 1990s, I saw pretty much everything that came out. This summer, Spooky and I have seen only four films (Oblivion, World War Z, Pacific Rim, and Elysium). It's cost us approximately eighty dollars, going to matinées, to see four films. When I was in high school, ticket prices were about a quarter of what they are now. It is simply no longer financially feasible for me to see a wide range of films until they appear on DVD, so I reserve the theaters for "spectacles" (I think this actually leads a lot of people to the erroneous conclusion that big SFX extravaganzas are the only sorts of films I see).

Recently, I said something – politely – on Facebook about how editors who cannot pay at least the SFWA's designated pro rate of .05¢/word need not ask me to write for them. Quite a few people "unfriended me" almost immediately. I assume some of them must have been involved in the baffling array of micro- and nano-presses. Until 2004, SFWA's designated pro rate was .03¢/word.

I never did write about World War Z. I kept meaning to, but it slipped through the cracks somewhere. I liked it. A lot. I wasn't bothered by the absence of gore, as some were. It's a damned weird criticism, you ask me. Anyway, I thought it did the book justice, which was an almost impossible trick to turn. I do think that the time has come to put away the zombies. It's over. It's tiresome. It's time to move on. Let AMC's The Walking Dead continue while it's good, and then let's stop with the zombies. Please. Zombies and bacon and grumpy cat. These things need to go. If you're reading this and you're an aspiring writer, or any other sort of artist, interested in the weird, the macabre, the terrifying, whatever – step away from zombies. Think of something else. Think of something no one's done anything with in a while. I won't say "think of something new," because you can't. But you can at least avoid zombies.

I'm going to write something more about World War Z, but I'll wait until another entry.

We watched Danny Boyle's Sunshine again last night. It's such an amazing film, it still stuns me. I think (hope) it always will. At this point, I've surely seen it at least twenty-five times, start to finish.

I'm gaming too much. Well, gaming and RP. But, thanks to The Secret World (still one of the most broke-ass MMOs in the history of MMOs), I've found a large and stable and consistently talented, low-drama group of RPers. It's hard, or impossible, not to overdo it. Three or four hours pass without me even noticing, because I've become so immersed in story and character. It's a very strange sort of art. It's one I've been looking for all my life.

Rambling. Gonna to now.

No More Zombies,
Aunt Beast
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