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Oh Perilous World (6 Vicodin)

The meteorologists are calling summer over for the Northeast. Well, pretty much. We will see some low, maybe mid eighties. The Jet Stream and I are not currently on speaking terms. Perfidious air currents, lurkers at the edge of the tropopause. I think we had no more than ten days of what I'd call summer. That makes this is worst Rhode Island summer I've so far experienced. We are now in a season which I will call "Green Autumn." Even the sky is autumnal, vacant blue, wide and carnivorous. At least today we have a few cirrus brushstrokes. I would call it intolerable, but, of course, it isn't. It's just fucking depressing.

I'm losing days.

I'm not writing.

I'm just waiting.

One week gone. Lost.

From Here,
Aunt Beast

Postscript: I have already begun a story entitled "Green Autumn," so if anyone sees there phrase here and rips it off, the joke's on them.
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