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"Pull the blindfold down..."

So, I've had at least four nights of hellish insomnia. Actually, last night was very slightly, so I'll say it was purgatorial insomnia. So, I'm somewhat delirious. But I did not, this morning, hallucinate Spooky saying "Stupid raid event. How am I supposed to sew this beastie and look for a stupid green cobra at the same time?" I don't know why I'm not sleeping, and I don't know when I'll start sleeping again. Maybe this afternoon.

Yesterday, I finished "Elegy for a Suicide," which will appear in Sirenia Digest #90. Vince is currently working on an illustration for the story.

One year ago today, Selwyn Stewart James Nightshade, a.k.a. Selwyn, came to live with us. Which makes this his first Gotcha Day. When he arrived, he weighed 3.1 lbs. (at ~12 weeks old). Now, he weighs ~14 lbs. He's a bear. But here's a photograph of the little creep from his first day with us:

I have been told that, no, one does not celebrate Gotcha Day by preparing for Send'em Back Day. Sigh.

If I don't keel over in a puddle of my own sleep-deprived drool, I may be able to begin Cherry Bomb today.

Friday night we saw Ben Affleck's Argo (2012). Yeah, still can't get used to thinking of Ben Affleck as a director, but there you go. And yes, it's a good movie. I enjoyed it quite a lot. But it's an absolute farce to call Argo the best film of 2012.*

It's sunny out there. If one didn't know better, the day could be mistaken for a summer's day. Currently it's 79˚F (heat index of 81˚F). Oh, don't know if I ever cleared this up, but the whole "moving back South" thing, that only an exercise in wishful histrionics. A cold-weather induced delusion. I'm all better now. Here I stay. The South wouldn't take me back, anyway. I'm five years behind in alimony.

[insert sleepy sound effects],
Aunt Beast

* Er...whoa. And now I'm reading about the film's (to put it charitably) gross historical inaccuracies.
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