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A Day in July

I don't really have anything for an entry.

Except a dream from this ayem. A shard of a long dream now forgotten. But in the shard I can recall, I was in my old 1959 Starchief*. I was driving, and Kathryn was beside me. The was a Mexican child in the back seat, and there was her mother. A great round bloom of the reddish fire appeared in the sky, and we all marveled that the sun could ever be so red. But then came the realization that it wasn't the sun, because as the nuclear fireball swallowed the world, we saw the small white sun.

Compapolooza continues! Don't miss out. Have a look at the auctions.

Smelling Summer,
Aunt Beast

* Fuck, I loved that automobile.


Jul. 29th, 2013 12:35 am (UTC)

I'll be visiting Atlanta next month for DragonCon, I guess you're pretty unlikely to be around for that but should that change, I'll be making fangs and that offer still stands.

Alas, who knows when I'll see the South again. But I do hope you enjoy the visit! And thanks, and the only side-effects I've had from seroquel (that I know of) have been grumpiness and grogginess.