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All the World With Titles

It's hot, by Providence standards. Which means it's especially hot in the House. Which wouldn't be so bad – so weary was I of the Cold Spring – except that, on Tuesday my doctor added a new drug to the cocktail. Turns out, it's not playing so nice with all the other drugs, those that were no longer working so well. And since yesterday I've hardly had the strength to stay out of bed. I stand up, I get dizzy. I'm queazy. My ability to concentrate is almost entirely gone.

So, no more of that.

I have too many deadlines to wait out the days or weeks until the side effects might abate. I had a buffer, some breathing room, and I've used that up and then some.

The summer is more than a third over. It's been two weeks since we returned from New Orleans, and I've accomplished nothing much, aside from the busy work I mentioned yesterday. I began a short story early in June, before we left for Louisiana. I decided it was crap and shelved it. I began another short story a few days ago. I wrote a little more than a thousand words and it's been sitting here, waiting, with a July 31st deadline.

I will not see the summer slip past me.

Last night, because I didn't have the energy for anything else, we began watching Breaking Bad, which is much better than I expected. We made it though the first six episodes of Season One.

Now, I'm gonna go lie down.

Carry On,
Aunt Beast
Tags: deadlines, lost days, pills for ills, summer

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