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"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

Another grey overcast June day in Providence. Only 75˚ Outside, 80˚F in the middle parlor. Comfortable enough, but sticky. And I tire of the clouds on day two.

But, on the bright side, I may have found the germ of the short story that's due at the end of July. Thanks to Kathryn. I sat here again yesterday, staring at the screen, and she finally made a suggestion that trumped all the tired ideas rattling around inside my skull. I don't have a title yet. I don't have a story yet. Just an idea. A story seed. A germ.

Despite not writing and the clouds, yesterday actually wasn't all that bad. Some of it was nice. Some of it was even very wonderful. In fact, it was, all in all, a rather terrific day. After the blank screen, Kathryn and I had her very belated birthday dinner at a Thai restaurant on Ives Street. I love when I ask for extra, super peppers, and Thai waitstaff are taken aback and very careful to be sure that they heard me correctly, lest I blame them for setting my head on fire.

The mail brought me a Wilum Pugmire T-shirt – "Queen of Eldritch Horror." Yes, indeed. Thank you, Sam McCanna and everyone else at Skurvy Ink. If you've not read Wilum's work, do so, all of you. And then get the shirt. Or do it the other way round. Whichever. Then there was the package from Jada, about which I have already burbled. And then there was the package from Peter.

Wow. Jesus god, Peter, if you're reading this, thank you. Yes, again.

I read from dyvers hands, non-fiction and fiction: "A reevaluation of the Harrodsburg Crevice Fauna (Late Pleistocene of Indiana, U.S.A.) and the climatic implications of its mammals" (JVP), "3D modeling of the Paleozoic top surface in the Bernissart area and integration of data from boreholes drilled in the Iguanodon Sinkhole," and three stories by Ambrose Bierce: "The Spook House," "The Thing at Nolan," and "The Difficulty of Crossing a Field."

Yeah. I'm in a hyperlink sort of mood.

Well, I should be writing. Or at least trying to find a title...

Survivor of Day Before Yesterday,
Aunt Beast
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