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"Back at the start it was easy to see...."

I just received a package from Jada, containing photographs from digs and museum work we did in Alabama, circa 1983. I thought those images were lost forever. But here they are, only a bit faded. My face from several life times ago, looking forward at the me of now, and who the fuck thought I'd ever live so long? Not me.

Jesus fucking fuck, this is weird. But a good weird. Sad, but good. Bittersweet. Lost friends. Lost mentors. Concrete photos of a possible future that has (and might always) haunt me. A reminder that we, to paraphrase the Rolling Stones, don't always get what we want, but if we try...well, at least we might survive.

Explorer Post 272. The Red Mountain Museum. Limestone Creek. Greene County. Mosasaurs and toxochelid turtles and pterosaurs. The "Gordies." My face at eighteen and nineteen. Fat Kitty! Maybe, one day, I'll find the courage to post some of these.

Jada, thank you for saving these for that day I would need them, after I was so careless and lost them. I love you.

Dizzy in Time,
Aunt Beast

PS: Also, the package from Ireland arrived.
Tags: 1983, alabama, cats, deep time, explorer post 272, friends, jada, lost days, mosasaurs, paleontology, then and now, time travel

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