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What was I saying? Oh, yes...

I began reading The Mistaken Extinction last night and made it through the first five chapters. A very readable book for any lay person interested in what may have caused the extinction event that took out the dinosaurs (excepting the surviving avian therpods). I was pleased that the authors addressed the issue of dinosaurs as poster children for extinction right off —

When it comes to the extinction of the dinosaurs, we really shouldn't feel too badly about it because it's well known that dinosaurs majestically ruled over the land for over 150 million years. Given that we humans are on the verge of annihilating our species after only about 100,000 years, it's not as though the dinosaurs got cheated.

I wrote well over 1,100 words on the second of the Frog Toes & Tentacles vignettes yesterday, which I'm calling "Los Angeles, 2162 (December)." Something found in the corner of an abandoned building. I'll likely finish it today, even though I haven't done with polishing the first and still untitled vignette (which involves a "sea daughter"). Meanwhile, Daughter of Hounds sits neglected, glaring at me with its big, round, rheumy yellow eyes. It thinks I have forsaken it. It should know better. We shall have many months together yet, it and I, whether I like it or not. E-mail with Ramsey Campbell yesterday, e-mail with lots of others, too. I think I'll only have half an hour to read at WHC in NYC, so I spent some time trying to figure out something that would be short enough. There's damn little. I'll probably read an excerpt from the Daughter of Hounds ms. As soon as I know my schedule, I'll post it here. Also, I discovered I'd completetly forgotten that I owed John Pelan a story for his next anthology, The Cthuluian Singularity (edited with Hank Schwaeble), and the deadline's in June, so that goes on the list that rules my waking life.

I've been up since 6:30 a.m., after being awake until almost 4 a.m. I've had Gatorade, a Red Bull, one vile Pop Tart, and a can of Campbell's soup.

I spent part of yesterday wondering if HPL knew of Dogtown Commons. He almost surely did.

Because there is never enough breathing room, we've started the eBay auctions up again. Just as the last of the dental bills were paid, Spooky's car has decided to go all but belly-up, so now there's that to contend with. So, please follow this link to the auctions, look around, and if you see anything you like, please use "buy it now." The next five people to do so shall receive a free Kaiyodo minature prehistoric animal figurine (one per customer). We're offerring the trade paperback of SIlk for only ten bucks each (+ s&h). There's a copy of the lettered edition of The Five of Cups beginning at a mere $1 (no "buy it now" on that one). Also, I've put up what will likely be the last ARC of The Dry Salvages that I'll be auctioning. We have a few of the hardcovers of Low Red Moon. Lots and lots of stuff.

Okay. Off to write some very weird smut.

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