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You get the gist of the song now?

Continuing my research on Dogtown Commons, a Cape Ann, MA ghost town which figures prominently in Daughter of Hounds. I was especially taken with this photo:

My head is so filled with Dogtown, with feral beasts, cosmic misdirections, angry old women with terrible secrets and desires, the "past" and the present, crumbling cellar walls...

Now I've got a mind full of wicked designs
I've got a non-stop hole in my head—imagination
I'm in a building that has two thousand floors, and when they all fall down
I think you know it's you they're fallin' for
I can't forget I am a sole architect
I built the shadows here
I built the growlin' voice I fear
You add it up, but to do better than that
You've got to follow me...

And so forth.

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