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"They think it's right, but they don't think like me."

The Drowning Girl: A Memoir has been nominated for the 2013 Mythopoeic Award* for Adult Literature. The announcement was made yesterday, but I didn't know until this morning – when Liz Hand congratulated me on Facebook – because I didn't check that email account yesterday afternoon. Very, very cool. I'm going to stop here and take stock. Thus far, the novel's received the James Tiptree, Jr. Award and the following nominations:

~ Nebula Award (Novel)
~ Shirley Jackson Award (Novel)
~ Locus Award (Fantasy Novel)
~ Mythopoeic Award (Adult Literature)
~ Bram Stoker (Novel)

This makes even me smile, just a little.


Yesterday, I wrote pages 5 through 8 on Alabaster: Boxcar Tales #11 (1,404 words). Only two chapters to go until THE END. This chapter has been written to R.E.M.'s Fables of the Reconstruction.

It was so chilly in the house (only high 50˚sF Outside) that I had to run the space heater in my office for an hour or so. This isn't spring. I know the midwest and the plains are getting a heat wave, because the jet stream is being odd, because that Greenland "block." The first day of summer is only a little more than a month off (37 days, to be precise).

They think it's right,
But they don't think like me.
When I concede
It is a victory.
~ Wye Oak

Not much else to yesterday. Not really. From the November 2012 JVP I read "The maxillary depression of Pholidosauridae: An anatomical study" and "Developmental biology enriches paleontology" (the latter concerned primarily with the Hox gene).

Oh, the signature sheets for The Ape's Wife and Other Stories just showed up. And today is Selwyn's birthday. He wants a harmonica.

Ah, we did see this delightful sight in our neighborhood yesterday (the guy's not dead, just passed out). It was rather amusing, in a skeezy sort of way:

Presently Conscious,
Aunt Beast

* For those unfamiliar with the award: "The Mythopoeic Society is a national/international organization promoting the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantastic and mythopoeic literature through books and periodicals, annual conferences, discussion groups, awards, and more. We are especially interested in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams, prominent members of the informal Oxford literary circle known as the 'Inklings' (1930s-1950s)."
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