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"So, you showed me round your town, to hell again and back."

You make plans, but they don't always mean much of anything. Which is to say that, on Saturday, I only made it one page into Alabaster: Boxcar Tales #11. There was too much of the story still to be worked out in my head. Mostly, issues of pacing. And that consumed a huge chunk of the day. Then, yesterday, I had to get Sirenia Digest #88 together and "out the door." It was emailed to subscribers this morning, so, if you're a subscriber, it's waiting on you. Today, I have some editing to do on Alabaster: Boxcar Tales #10 before I can get back to work on #11. And...there's other stuff.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions, because this gig doesn't pay as much as most people think.

The cold has returned, after our very short flirtation with spring. Right now, 59˚F, which is our forecast high. Here on the 13th day of May. Which leaves thirteen days until my 49th birthday, truth, most years – this one included – my true birthday is on the 27th, not the 26th (which means my Grandmother Ramey and I have the same birthday). This epiphany occurred to me on my birthday last year:

"Indeed, it is my birthday. And here I am, some -08 years after my unlikely birth in the year 1964 (of the Gregorian calendar). And, oh my motherfucking god, I just fucking realized something amazing! 1964 was a leap year, so, on years that are not leap years (unlike this one), my birthday is actually May 27th. Motherfucker. Weird."

So...technically, yeah, fourteen days, but I'll still be "celebrating" on the 26th. Point is, it's damned weird to have lived this long.

Spooky went for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday. I wanted to go, but there was almost enough of a chill to the air it would only have served to put me in an even fouler mood than I was in already (once again, it's too cold to open my office window). But she took photos, and if you look at them and pretend it's in the high seventies or low eighties out there, it'll seem like spring:










All Photographs Copyright © 2013 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

Wrong Just Seems So Right,
La Cabrita
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