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"I've come to pluck you. I'm gonna pluck you right in half."

Yesterday, I wrote the first four pages of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales Chapter 10 (of 13), which comes to nine manuscript pages, or 2,348 words. Today, I'll finish Chapter 10. And tomorrow, goddamn it, is A DAY OFF. I'm taking at least one. I finished a novel day before yesterday, and now I'm writing this, and the deadlines can bite me. Oh, also...the original title of Boxcar Tales and Grimmer Tales, but there was concern that confusion would arise with Fay Grimmer. And it fucking sucks how that turned out. Each of the three stories in Boxcar Tales is a riff on a fairy tale: 1-5 are "The Little Mermaid," 6-8 are "Little Red Riding Hood," and 9-13 are "Snow White/Sleeping Beauty."

Now you know.

Not much else to yesterday. A huge amount of Mexican food. I made my signature guacamole, though I did use lime instead of the usual lemon. Spooky made salsa fresca, and there were quesadillas. We still have quite a lot of guacamole and salsa in the fridge. There was Dos Equis and Jose Cuervo Gold, though I rarely allow myself alcohol these days. But, fuck I do love good tequila. Even decent tequila. Fuck, I love shitty tequila.

There weren't the usual fireworks in the neighborhood, not really, because we have a burn ban in effect, because Rhode Island currently has drought conditions.

So, we ate too much. And I played too much Secret World, though not as too much as the night before. There were a couple of good RP scenes with Isaac. He might not be quite so insane if that Dr. Zurn at the Illuminati HQ in Brooklyn would stop slipping Isaac megadoses of LSD every time he's put under for another round of highly experimental treatments for his plethora of congenital disorders. Though, we all know this is just Zurn and Muñoz looking for a way to weaponize Isaac's DNA. And then there's the pharmacological cold war.

The weather yesterday was...slightly better than the day before. I am told by the Weather Channel that we'll reach 66˚F today. In May. 66˚F. But see, in Birmingham it's only motherfucking 52˚F! Blackberry winter my ass. It's that secret volcano.'s eBay. And now, I should go brush my teeth, make my feeble attempt at a "work out," and get to work.

Love and Thumbtacks,
Aunt Beast
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