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"Too much trippin' and my soul's worn thin." (Seven Vicodin)

For those who have not seen this post, I finished Red Delicious yesterday afternoon. It's done. I've not yet calculated how many days were actually spent writing it. I'll do that later. All that matters is that it is finished The last sentence typed. The first and the last and the always draft. I'm emailing it to my editor as soon as I finish this entry.

Do I get today off as a reward? Today I have to begin Alabaster: Boxcar Tales (Chapter 10) for Dark Horse Presents. No one celebrates here when a book is finished. It's happened too many times. Oh, wait. I did allow myself one extra Vicodin.

I'm hoping that I can take Tuesday off. There's meteorological innuendo that the weather may vaguely approximate warm on Tuesday. Right now, it's 58˚F here in Providence. Which is great, you know, for MID FUCKING FEBRUARY. Not May 5th. But I see that it's even worse in Birmingham, only 53˚F. Which is all manner of disheartening. I have begun looking at Alabama...that Hell I spent so much of my life trying to an Edenic paradise I'd cut off a foot to reach.

I "celebrated" last night by spending seven and a half hours in The Secret World. The first hour and a half, those were RP, but the rest was just grinding, repeating quests I'd already repeated fuck knows how many times. Because (this is pathetic, but...) this weekend you get double AP (ability points), and since I already have a boost that increases my AP, I get triple AP. Plus, I have another boost – for XP – that's only good for one hour a night, I use that, and it briefly ups the rate at which I gain AP still more. Can we all say whoopee? Isaac Snow, my Illuminati sociopath, finished the "bounty hunter" skill deck. At two a.m., I said "Fuck this" and went to bed, but then I could get to sleep until sometime after four-thirty.

Funny thing is, I don't even enjoy gaming. I enjoy RP. Gaming is dull, repetitive, tedious, et al. PvE is the least annoying, because in PvE I can zone out and let my mind crawl wherever it wants to go. I can play on autopilot. PvP, on the other hand, is unbearable. But only RP actually engages me. The game, it's create a world in which I can RP. And TSW has created a very good RP world. Of the MMOs I've played, it ranks – and possibly surpasses – Rift as, by far, one of the two best. But, when I can't get RP, gaming, well, it kills time, and either you kill time or it kills you.

Cut myself on angel's hair and baby's breath. ~ Nirvana

If you have not yet ordered a copy of The Ape's Wife and Other Stories, you might want to do so...especially if you want to get the limited edition that comes with Black Helicopters. The limited will almost certainly sell out prior to publication. Just a reminder.

Oh, and the current eBay auctions.

Now...yeah. Back to work.

Aunt Beast
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