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"So dog eyes, smiling, scare you..."

1) Last night, I took the red pill. Which was actually sort of stupid. And I slept something like six hours, which was at least an hour – and maybe two – short of the time I needed to sleep off the red pill.

If you'da told us the truth, we woulda told you to shove that red pill right up your ass.

Pretty much.

2) And Outside? Outside, the Fahrenheit has struggled all the way up to (drum roll) 55˚. So, yeah. It's February again. On May 3rd.

3) I'm trying to figure out why the internet reduces apparently intelligent, sane adults to baby talk. It's a mystery for the ages. Where's Leonard Nimoy when you need him? I considered posting samples from the forum of the Secret World cabal to which I belong, but I suppose that would be shitty of me. But I'm not talking of "lolspeak" here; I'm talking about something even more odious.

4) Yesterday, I posted to Facebook: I have about two days to finish the next novel, RED DELICIOUS, which I should have finished weeks ago. I have no idea how it ends, because plotting isn't what I do.'s time to just make stuff up. Which was in no way an exaggeration. Oddly, lots of people failed to understand the post translated into "I am well and truly fucked" and gave it the thumbs up, with all sorts of "that's why we love you" crap. Anyway, so...I sat here and I made stuff up. I pulled stuff out of my ass. I gave the tyranny of plot the middle finger – better than it deserves – and "wrote" 1,608 words on the final chapter. Which, in theory, leaves ~2,900 words. because you buy them by the bushel, buy them by the pound. This is about filling in the blanks. If I don't take time to breathe, I might finish the novel today.

5) I tell myself, "Someday, I will write another good book."

6) A first. On eBay, a collaborative monster-doodle painting between me and Kathryn. There's an image behind the cut:

Doodle Painting 1

The photo was taken before I signed it, but if you look at the photos on eBay, there is one with my signature. Anyway, this will hopefully help offset the impact of a recent vet bill.

And I think that's enough damage for one day.

Dreaming Awake of Green,
Aunt Beast
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