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"We were wealth and we were money, of the world and needing nothing."

I just read a report by a linguist confirming what I have known for some time, that "LOL" is no longer used to mean "laughs out loud," but as a sort of quasi-punctuation mark signifying "basic empathy between texters" (I am heartened that LJ can't spell "texters," but wants to substitute "textures"). Here's a short and telling quote:

Jocelyn texts "where have you been?" and Annabelle texts back "LOL at the library studying for two hours." How funny is that, really? Or an exchange such as "LOL theres only one slice left" / "don't deprive me LOL" -- text exchanges often drip with these LOL's the way normal writing drips with commas. Let's face it – no mentally composed human being spend his or her entire life immersed in ceaseless hilarity. The LOLs must mean something else. ~ John McWhorter, Columbia University

Oh, and good day to you all.

Not late April here. The middle of March, perhaps. But the trees are bright green (and red, and pink, and white, and so forth), and the air smells good. Chilly, but good. We limp along in the low to mid to high sixties, and people pretend it's spring. I see, too, that another storm is about to wallop the Rockies and the Plains. I don't think the meteorologists are even bothering to name this one. After all, they reached Z, and, besides, you can't have "winter storms" in May.

Yesterday, I finally sent the revised, expanded manuscript* for The Drowning Girl: A Memoir to Jerad at Centipede Press. And I feel the hardest part of this project (which I'm making no money off, by the way; the arrangement is between CP and Penguin) has just begun. Designing the book – which Jerad says is "going to be a masterpiece" – and gathering the art and artifacts. Deckled edges, anyone? Hells, yeah. We're discussing whether or not the pages will be presented as a facsimile of Imp's typescript, set in a monospaced serif typeface that would approximate that of a 1940s Royal MM. Take THAT, Kindle! Books, damn you. Not ones and zeros. Anyway, planning it is fun, but tiring. Then again, these days, everything makes me tired.

A big shipment of eBay books will be going today, says Spooky, and she ought to know, because I won't go to the post office.

Or the bank.

I've been talking to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press about the second "best of" me volume, and we're still on schedule for a 2014 release. No idea what the title will be, but I've begun playing around with the potential ToC. So, yes, there's that. And I have to write a vignette for Sirenia Digest #88 (I think I have a title and three sentences somewhere), and I HAVE TO FINISH THE LAST GODDAMN CHAPTER OF RED DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Because, sooner or later, you keep missing your deadlines, they send the people to repossess your internal organs and your broken car and all your toys.

We saw a truly wonderful film last night, Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths. Smart, funny, exquisite.

But now...yeah. That.

Aunt Beast

Note: The MS Word file I sent Jerad came to precisely 777k. How weird is that? I know, right?

Note to Note: "I know, right?" is one of the most loathsome phrases to recently become overused.
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