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I did 1,044 words on Chapter Three of Daughter of Hounds yesterday.

The case for extant life on Mars is looking better and better. I am heartened by news of "methane signatures and other signs of possible biological activity." I shall be eagerly awaiting publication of the article in Nature.

Yesterday, reading a library copy of Whittier's The Supernaturalism of New England (1847), I discovered that, at some point, someone has written "Christian Science explains witchcraft." on the blank backside of the last page. Oh, I adore idiots who write in library books, especially idiots who use library books as a chance to express their opinions. Anyway, my first reaction was, okay, sure it does. So does real science. So does Christianity. So does Wicca. So do various schools of psychology. These explanations are generally contradictory, of course, but they are explanations nonetheless. There is so little meaning in the statement — "Christian Science explains witchcraft." — that it's almost a tautology. Then, on page 107, in the same hand, I find written, "Christian Science overcomes and vanishes powers and claims of witchcraft." In another place, the same person has written the exact same statement over again, then scratched out "Christian Science" and written in "Jesus Christ." I shall do the polite thing and assume the idiot couldn't help him- or herself, that it was a religious mania, a compulsion beyond control.

Here in Atlanta, the weather has turned cold again. And my mood has fallen with the temperatures. It makes me grateful I got out of the house on Monday and Tuesday, instead of sitting here writing.

I learned last night that the Dresden Dolls will be opening for NIN on at least some of the dates on the new tour. The new NIN album, With Teeth, will be released May 3rd, I think.

Lastly, I've been getting a fair number of inquiries as to where and how I acquire absinthe. It's easy. Just follow the link. My personal faves are Mari Mayans and La Fée. And no, I've never had any trouble with customs.

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