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Quick and to the point.

I boycotted the Oscars last night for reasons that had nothing whatsoever to do with Seth MacFarlane, whom I have always loathed. The man is the walking, breathing, yammering archetypal fucking douchebag. Truthfully, I had no idea he was hosting until last night. Then, this morning I began hearing of the sexist, racist, homophobic bullshit that the Academy allowed him to peddle via the ceremony. It's sickening. I'm not surprised by anything MacFarlane did. I'm surprised anyone ever imagined it was in any way appropriate to allow him to MC the awards. And, yeah. The Onion tweet aimed at Quvenzhane Wallis was indefensible. But at least the Onion quickly removed the tweet and apologized. The Academy, however, remains inexcusably silent.

I've long been an Oscar addict, and this sickens and saddens me.


I actually intended to make this post to draw attention to the Two Worlds and In Between auction, which will be ending tomorrow. Again, the book is out of print, there are only a few I can sell, and it comes with a one of a kind "monster doodle." And, of course, I'll personalize a signature, if the winner so desires. I would also note that our digital camera – upon which we rely for eBay – may have just died, so we'll be having to replace it with money we make from eBay.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm also putting up early (circa 2006) drawings of Dancy, by Ted Naifeh, on the Alabaster Facebook page.

Aunt Beast
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