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"Gone forever in a trigger slip."

Yesterday wasn't a total loss. I did manage to proofread Thursday's pages from Chapter Three of Red Delicious. I did a great deal more work on the CEM for The Ape's Wife and Other Stories. Those are almost finished. Also, I suggested small changes to Steve's pencils for Chapter Six of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales. I'm really loving what's happening with chapters Six and Seven. Mostly unrelated to work, there was an enormous amount of chaos. It was not a good day, but it was not quite a lost day.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Remember: this is the first time we've offered a copy of Two Worlds and In Between*, and it comes with a monster doodle.

Last night's Kid Night movie was Tim Burton's Frankenweeine, which was absolutely wonderful. If you haven't seen it, do so. You can't even really tell that it was shot for 3D; the 3D gimmicks, such as they are, simply seem to fit the visual style and the tone of the film. We'd have seen it in theatre's but, well...3D. Later, I had RP in The Secret World, which went very well.

Oh, and I left the house after a week of not having left the house.

Aunt Beast

* Sorry about the crappy photo.
Tags: "best of crk" project, alabaster, monster doodles, red delicious, shut in, steve lieber, the ape's wife, the secret world, tim burton
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