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Not sure when exactly the phrase neurologically atypical originated, but it is surely one of the most absurd examples of newspeak I've ever run across. Anyway....

Weird thoughts this morning. If I'd had children in my twenties, today they'd be in their mid or late twenties, and they might have kids of their own (though I'd hope not), who could easily be somewhere around five years old. Now, it's possible I might live to see 2034. Those kids I didn't have, they might have lived to see 2054. Of course, all sorts of assumptions are being made here. I'm assuming, for example, they'd have a life expectancy of ~70, but, obviously, it could be much more or much less. Anyway, my hypothetical grandchildren – assuming my children bred – could live to see 2074. And were great grandchildren to have been spawned, we get to 2094. The great grandchildren I'll never have, they'd possibly live to see the next century. And we have at least some idea how unpleasant that world is going to be – by our own hands – and, so, I am very grateful that I never had children.

That's the thought I woke to this morning.


I am told that today is the street date for the Alabaster: Wolves hardcover, even though Amazon still says February 26th. So...well, I don't know. Street dates seem to mean less and less. Either the book is out there, or it isn't. But, regardless, if you do not yet have a copy, please find one. Thanks.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,128 words on Chapter Two of Red Delicious. This puts 516 words in the word bank.

Okay. Enough for now.

Wishing She Were Otherwise,
Aunt Beast
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