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"...for one who sits and cries for all tomorrow's parties."

And, yeah. It's cold today.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,103 words on Chapter One of Red Delicious.

Spaghetti for dinner. Rift. And then Casablanca (1942). I stayed up too late reading, which is becoming common.

Please have a look at the current ebay auction/s. There's another copy of Blood Oranges, with an accompanying monster doodle (!) (an imaginary ceratopsian dinosaur). The income from eBay is going to be especially important to us during while I write Red Delicious, so bids are appreciated. Also, big mail day tomorrow, so if you're awaiting a contract for eBay shipment from me, soon.

Post Meridiem,
Aunt Beast
Tags: casablanca, dinosaurs, monster doodles, red delicious, rift

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