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"There's one thing I want to say, so I'll be brave."

Once again, it's freezing here in Providence. Currently sunny and 30˚F.

Yesterday, I learned that I'd made the 2012 Locus Recommended Reading List four times over, in four different categories: Novel (The Drowning Girl: A Memoir), Collections (Confessions of a Five-Chambered Heart), Novelette ("Fake Plastic Trees"), and Short Story ("Goggles [c. 1910]).* I am pleased.

Today, in theory, is Day 1 in the Writing of Red Delicious Marathon. I have much of the story and characters in my head, though it's sort of a higgledy-piggledy affair. Which is what I prefer. It needs to fall into place as I write it, not beforehand, else I lose the spontaneity and freedom without which I can't write. I need to write a minimum of 1,200 words a day, every day, from now until mid-March in order to replace Fay Grimmer.

Yesterday was spent Out, mostly. Making the most of Out while I can. A trip down to Newbury comics which failed to yield the DVD I was looking for. Trader Joe's (cheese cake and marinated mushrooms!), Barnes and Noble (we had to pee)**, Whole Foods, Rockstar Piercing – where I got a pair of ebony plugs to replace my steel grommets – and Acme Video. Radiohead on the iPod. A cloudy sky and a wind that almost gave us frostbite on Thayer Street. A good day out, really. Last night, we watched The Maltese Falcon (1941) for the umpteenth time; there are "old movies" that never get old.

Anyway, now the words. Now, the story.

Chapter One,
Aunt Beast

* Note that the novelette and short story are both SF.
** Two goddamn shelves of "Teen Supernatural Romance." I stood there cursing that crap while an employee watched on in horror. I kept expecting her to call the police over my rather loud string of profanities.
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