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"You are not to blame for bittersweet detractors."

I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep enough last night.

Yesterday. I wrote the first three pages of the next eight-page installment of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales. Telling tales in eight-page increments is very, very weird, and tiring, and nerve-wracking, and exasperating, and I do not recommend trying it. Pacing is a goddamn nightmare. Twenty-four page increments are difficult enough. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to finish the script today, but we'll see how that goes. Meanwhile, if you haven't, considered "liking" the Alabaster page on Facebook, please do. We have 915; I'm aiming for 1,000. Good fucking fuck, that all sounds silly as hell.

Truthfully, I'm trying to come to terms with the knowledge that I am a rather silly person.

A ridiculous excuse for a person. agent received a very nice offer on the audiobook rights for Blood Oranges yesterday, which we accepted.

Thank you for all the many comments yesterday. They were genuinely appreciated. Weird times, hereabouts. Other voices help me from drifting too far afield. Someone asked about the eleventh photograph in the series. Specifically, what was photographed. It's just a shot out the side window of the van at sunset, as we were heading north along I-95. Told Spooky I think it would make a great cover for a Sigur Rós album. It might be my favorite photo of the day, and it was a complete point-and-click accident.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thanks. I think the ones up now end today. And congratulations to the winner of the Blood Oranges/monster doodle auction that ended yesterday. Also, thanks to my niece, Sony M., for the marvelous musical care package I received on Monday. Fur.

I should scoot. But, first, seven photos from Monday (including the Jesus Bird):

The Classic Café on Westminster Street. Best pancakes in Rhode Island.

Ruins of an old pier thingy (proper nautical term) below the Point Street Bridge, and the frozen Providence River; view to the northwest, towards downtown.

Find the Jesus Bird! "Hey! I can walk on water! can walk on water, too! And you...too? And you also? Um...never mind." (Below the bridge).

Much the same as photo two, but more skyline. Compare this to the cover of Blood Oranges...

The Providence Athenaeum, in snow.

From my nook on the second floor.

Das Schnabeltier is everywhere, including this copy of Prehistoric Life on Earth by Kai Petersen (illustrated by Verner Hancke; E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc., 1961).

Benefit Street. About five p.m., CaST. View to the south.

All photographs Copyright © 2013 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac

It Doesn't Get Better,
Aunt Beast
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