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Slow Going

There's snow on its way. And very, very cold weather. A high tomorrow of only 28˚F.

Yesterday, I wrote 887 words on "The Road of Needles." On Saturday, I did 885 words on the same. It's coming out slowly, quite a bit more so than usual. Spooky says that what has been written so far is "sad" and "ominous," which sounds about right to me.'s listing of Blood Oranges now gives no author whatsoever. This was, apparently, their response to having been asked to list both "Kathleen Tierney" and "Caitlín R. Kiernan." Which I was told Amazon said they couldn't do, even though it's exactly what they'd done with the Kindle edition. I can only laugh, even though that's likely not the appropriate response.*

And speaking of Blood Oranges, the Kirkus review has this to say (I'm editing out almost all of the unnecessary "book report" section):

First of a wisecracking supernatural horror series, from an author who's better known as Caitlín R. Kiernan (The Drowning Girl, 2012, etc.). Narrator Siobhan Quinn--she insists, fiercely, on Quinn--a street-dwelling heroin addict, became a monster-slayer after killing a ghoul (though, as she finally admits, it was by accident)...The New England setting is colorful and convincing, and Tierney populates it with a weird and splendid set of supernatural beings. Quinn isn't the most reliable of narrators, though eventually she'll stumble out with the truth; nor, as an investigator, does she prove the sharpest of wits, but she gets there. Add in the downbeat tone that somehow manages to be uplifting and the sort of gratuitously gory action that used to be called splatterpunk** and readers are in for a memorably exhilarating and engaging experience. Sly, sardonically nasty and amusingly clever.

Spooky read this to me yesterday, and I spent an amusing ten or fifteen minutes trying to make anything "uplifting" from the book. Maybe it will read that way to some people, and, if so, more power to them. But I don't see it.

Still, nice review, and a thank you to whoever wrote it.

Something is wrong with today. Well, wrong with me. I fear no writing – or much of anything else – will get done. And I need to have "The Road of Needles" and the next script for Alabaster: Boxcar Tales finished in the next eleven days. Ten, if I lose today, which I think is going to happen. Ten is doable. But only just.

Only Just,
Aunt Beast

*In the time since I made this entry, Amazon actually fucking corrected the problem. Damn. I'm going to look for a plague of locusts now. And hellish snowballs.
** Don't get me started on "splatterpunk," and how Blood Oranges has nothing whatso-fucking-ever to do with it, not in tone, style, or content.
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