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"Cassie? Cassie. We're flying into the Sun."

Cold and grey and windy in Providence today, but much less cold than yesterday.

Friday scattered me between a half dozen projects – including the impending release of Blood Oranges and the Alabaster: Wolves hardback (PLEASE PREORDER BOTH). A big part was speaking with Steve Lieber about the world/character design and artwork for the second story in Albaster: Boxcar Tales, discussing how we're going to get the look down before I begin writing, in order to streamline the process. By the way, I think readers will be...surprised.

I tried to begin the next short story, one I owe to an anthology of retellings of fairy tales. But I was too frazzled and distracted by the general higgledy-piggledy of the day, and all I got was a title, "The Road of Needles." Having done a short story (in 2001) titled "The Road of Pins," it only seemed fair. Equal time and all. Also, the name of it's protagonist, Nix Severn, and the fact that it involves a terraforming accident aboard a sort of star freighter. But yes, it is a retelling of an especially famous fairy tale. Oh, and I finally answered a LOT of backed-up email yesterday. I can be terribly neglectful when it comes to correspondence. I still owe Brian Evanson a reply, regarding Angela Carter's time teaching writing at Brown University.

Today, we're hoping to see the Facebook page for Alabaster hit 750 "likes." Feel free to lend a hand and spread the word.

For Kid Night, we had hot dogs and tater tots, then watched Louis Morneau's Werewolf: The Beast Among Us. We went in expecting the purest drek. Indeed, before it began I soliloquized on the insipid title and insipid subtitle, and how the very fact that it had a subtitle was insipid. We were shocked to discover a delightfully, ridiculously, absurdly fun film. The decent production values and SFX helped. Just imagine a parody of a Hammer Horror classic, with a patchwork aesthetic ranging from spaghetti westerns to steampunk to period Victorian to Transylvanian clichés, set in that place where Hungary, England, and Texas overlap. With werewolves. And, inexplicably, Stephen Rea. And who cares if the film keeps forgetting its storyline, because it's having to much fun with new ideas (think the original Dark Shadows)? It was fun. We followed that with a Top Secret Beta that an NDA apparently forbids me to publicly discuss for fear of banishment, so I won't discuss it. But the servers kept crashing, so it was really the beta interspersed with playing our Templars on The Secret World, which was no end of disorienting.

And that was yesterday, kittens.

Tonight, we watch the final two episodes of Fringe. Last night, we saved "Over There" for tonight, so we could wind it all up in one fell swoop. I am so pleased that the series was allowed to properly finish. Despite the ratings. If only the SFC had seen fit to show Farscape the same courtesy. Some things have changed since 2002. Tomorrow morning, I know there will be a Walter-shaped hole in my heart (AND NO SPOILERS HERE TODAY, OR YOU WILL DIE).

In All Caps,
Aunt Beast
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