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"Icarus, please play audio file 754-B."

Well, the good news is that yesterday is over, and that it only had to happen once. That's the only silver lining to shitty days; any given shitty day gets just that one chance.

Do not mistake that for optimism.

The sun is back, though it's colder than it was yesterday. Almost all that slush that fell from the sky has gone away. All night we listened to the snow melt. At one point, Spooky thought it was raining.

Two days of emails with editors and publishers. Nothing written (except the emails), but quite a lot of work. Yesterday, I was running on empty, on five hours sleep and all other imaginable sorts of exhaustion. But I did run. And now that all manner of this, that, and the other is out of the way, today I can begin writing again.

I did sell two short stories yesterday, so....

By sunset I was so tired I barely made it through dinner. Afterwards, I collapsed on the sofa and stared at several hours of "television." Well, it's fair to say I stared at the television. Except for the forty minutes or so I dozed off. Spooky tried to wake me, to no avail. "I thought maybe your were dead," she said, "until I checked to see if you were breathing." Went to bed about two, and read Outland strips until about three. Slept until eleven thirty. There were nightmares, but they've all faded. I feel sort of drugged from so much sleep.

If you have not already, please check the Facebook Alabaster page and hit "like." Thank you. And thanks, also, for the comments the past two days.

I've not left the house since Friday.

Did I mention being in the unenviable position of trying to promote three books at once?

Two good ideas yesterday; time to see what can be done with them.

Aunt Beast
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