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"Is there hope for me, after all is said and done?"

Hell is, of course, infinitely subjective, and so has, of course, infinite incarnations. But one of them is trying to promote three books at once. Presently, I have Blood Oranges due out February 5th. The Alabaster: Wolves hardcover will be released on February 26th. And now Subterranean Press is taking preorders for The Ape's Wife and Other Stories, which is slated for a July release. So, I'm not saying "Please buy my book." That's always bad enough. I find myself having to say, "Hey, please buy all three of these books now." Because the "now" part actually matters quite a lot. And never mind that The Drowning Girl: A Memoir still feels like the "new" book to me, and I don't believe I've done half as much as I should have done to promote it.

But yeah, here it is: The Ape's Wife and Other Stories. Note that the limited edition includes Black Helicopters, published as hardback companion volume. Note that, at ~26,000 words, Black Helicopters is the longest such companion volume subpress has ever produced to accompany one of my books. In fact, it may be twice as long as any of the others. This is, by the way, my twelfth short story collection.


Last night, Spooky and I followed dinner with a Rift marathon, about seven-thirty to one-thirty ayem. Bad kids. It's awful on my overtaxed eye, but resting one's overtaxed eye can be damned dull. Anyway, we both made Level 53. Overall, so far, my impression of the Storm Legion expansion is very, very positive. Rift is probably still the best looking MMOs out there. The only real flaws with the game are brought to it by the players, which is often the case with MMOs. But, yeah. Fun last night. But now that, as of today, the wretched Mayan silliness is finally over, we'll be drifting back towards The Secret World. For a time. Back and forth.

Until my eyeball blows up.

Bam (shit),
Aunt Beast

Postscript (3:36 p.m.):
Et il est un jour arrivé
Marteler le ciel
Et marteler la mer

Et la mer avait embrassé moi
Et la délivré moi de ma caille

Rien ne peut m'arrêter maintenant

Also! New David fucking Bowie! (Thank you, NPR.)
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