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"Tolerate my jealousy. Recognize the desperate need."

The year is a week old. Fuck me. How did that happen?

Spooky and I are watching more "television" than I've watched in ages. I use the somewhat ironic quotation marks because we're not always using an actual television. Yeah, sometimes we're streaming from the PS-3 onto my old 1995 Sony TV (which still works like a charm, by the way), but we also use our laptops and my iPad ("Kermit"). [Pause to marvel at Blixa Bargeld's unearthly voice; I think I'm composing, in my head, the soundtrack to Lana and Andy Wachowski's adaptation of Black Helicopters]. Anyway, yes. Series that are made for television. Oh, wait. Spooky just found this. Here's this article on PBS, "Poll: Nearly Half of People Watch 'TV' on Devices Other Than TVs." Where was I? Oh, yes. Long time since I watched this much...television. And they're all series with multiple seasons, which means even more watching. Thing is, it's good stuff. What TV can be, freed of the censorial, prudish old-school network constraints. And allowed to be smart. So: Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Nurse Jackie, Californication, Damages, Sons of Anarchy (the latter two, though, they really need genuine profanity), 30 Rock (hit and miss), Archer, Fringe, etc. I haven't watched this much television since the early 1990s. Back then I watched it all on an actual television.

I will NEVER watch television on a phone. I will never own a phone that allows me to watch television and movies on it. That's technology gone utterly moronic. "Ooooooh! Let's watch a movie that's been reduced to the size of an Altoid tin!" I can imagine John Huston or Orson Welles stomping one of the damned things.

If you haven't found something strange during the day, it hasn't been much of a day. ~ John Archibald Wheeler, quantum physicist

Yesterday, I spent three more hours on the aforementioned interview. Total of ~six hours (!!!). No more of that. In fact, maybe that's the last interview I'll ever give. There have to be at least twenty or thirty interviews with me floating about the web, stretching back into the late 90s. It's all been said. Especially when you add in the many millions of words from Blogger/LJ (which is far more revealing than any interview). It's not that I'm not grateful for the exposure afforded by interviews. It's just I hate giving the things, and enough is enough. I'm not that interesting. Also, I have a startling tendency to say stuff I'll disagree with an hour later.

Today, a conversation with my agent at Writers House, and a tiny bit of work for Subterranean Press, and a monumental attempt to get my ducks in a row for the coming two months. During January and February I'm going to have to write an Alabaster: Boxcar Tales script (or two), five short stories, Sirenia Digst #s 85 and 86, and help Jerad Walters pull together the Centipede Press limited edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. The "vacation" cost me dearly, and I'm not even sure it did much good.

Now, though, I should go.

Aunt Beast
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