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"Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit."

A lot of snow came down hard last night, the manic spittle of Freyr, and my office is freezing, and the tiny space heater can't do much about that, and because the clouds went away the light through the windows is so fucking bright I'm about to have to close the curtains. Well, the big piece of black cloth we tacked over the window the week we moved in here. "Just until we get a real curtain," we said. Four years and seven months ago. But yeah, lots and lots of snow. It was beautiful out there last night.

The "vacation" begins to wind down. Not that there's been much "vacating." I've not yet made it to Boston, as planned. I've not made it to the shore, as planned. And I've actually spent three of the vacation days writing, and it looks as if I'm going to spend today copyediting. It has to be done, and we can't go

I only just realized that I am a bit out of sorts. Though, not as disastrously out of sorts as I was much of last week.

I've only just realized I haven't really much to say in this entry.

Oh! But wait. Read this: "Liberal Bullying: Privilege-Checking and Semantics-Scolding as Internet Sport." Very good. And thank you, Liz (mevennen) for indirectly leading me to this article. Honestly? I think we may be seeing the beginning of a backlash against the Outrage and Trigger-Warning Brigade, against their labyrinthine and absurdist tactics. Of course, this will only serve to make them feel more vindicated in their bullying. But, maybe, a lot of folks who've coddled them for one reason or another have finally had enough. Maybe people who've endured it because they're afraid of speaking up against the OB – for fear of looking like the "bad guys" – have reached the end of patience with these trolling jackasses. Kill your fear, kittens. That's all it takes, and few things kill fear quicker than utter fucking exasperation. I truly love Stallings' comparison of the bullies with performance artists. And calling them on endlessly, mercilessly browbeating their sympathizers for not keeping up with an arbitrary, ever-changing, unimaginably complex protocol and whiny shenanigans. Spot on.*

Oh, and yes I am a motherfucking "liberal" and a "progressive" (terms I consider interchangeable)...

But I Am Probably Not Your "Ally,"
Aunt Beast

* Also, I would like to note that I believe it most emphatically is a responsibility of any oppressed group to aid in the education of our oppressors. We know who and what we are; they don't, and we are the only way they can learn. Victims have to be their own advocates. To think otherwise is naïve bullshit. I was actually shocked to discover that a central tenant of the online "social activist/ally" phenomenon is the belief that oppressed minorities are in no way responsible for taking part in such education. "I want my cake, but I want it lazily. I want my cake, but you cook it for me. And serve it. And chew. And digest it. And shit it out."
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