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I went outside today.

Yesterday — Tuesday — my agent called to say there'd been a new round of film inquiries. It was that sort of a day, as though there wasn't enough stress already.

But we made it through Chapter Seven of Murder of Angels, and through "Waycross," and I attended to all sorts of assorted other things that had to be attended to, those things which I'd listed (and a few others). So I don't feel to bad about getting nothing much at all done today. We picked Poppy up at the airport about 2:30 this afternoon, and had a late lunch at a Jamaican place downtown. I didn't attend her 8 p.m. reading, as gatherings in book stores — even perfectly gay bookstores — make me antsy (yeah, go figure), but it was very well attended (about 60 people, she was told), and she was quite pleased with it. Afterwards, Spooky and I met her and Jennifer (who had gone to the reading), and we had a very fabulous dinner at Nickiemoto's, conveniently just across the street from OutWrite Books. I'd been told Nickiemoto's served the best sushi in Atlanta, and now I believe it. The volcano roll was fantastic. Poppy had some mega-enormous sushi platter, and still had room for key lime pie afterwards. I was too full to move. After dinner, Spooky and I took Poppy back to her hotel. We have promised to see each other more frequently. Tomorrow, she finishes up her book tour with a stop in Memphis.

And I go back to work on Murder of Angels, and all those other things.

At OutWrite Books, there's a wall that visiting authors are asked to sign. I signed it when I did a reading there from Silk in May or June 1998 (precision is beyond me at the moment). I saw the signature again tonight. It seems impossible that was almost six years ago that I signed that frelling wall. But there you are. Time has little consideration for my puny mortal sensibilities.

So. It was a good day.

Kaloo, kallay.

And now I'm going to go watch the next to last episode of Angel with Spooky (we taped it while we were out), and anything else can wait until tomorrow proper.

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