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So, I've spoken with Subterranean Press again. Here's how those who participated in the poll (or posted about the erotica question to my phorum or e-mailed me about it) — those who have dibs — should go about reserving a copy of the limited, leatherbound edition of the volume (I have no title yet). Simply e-mail Bill Schafer at, tell him you voted, and ask him to hold a copy for you. That's all it takes. Stick something like "erotica" in the subject line of your e-mail.

An inspiration to Lovecraft and backdrop of the superb 2001 thriller, Session 9, the Kirkdale Building of the old Danvers Mental Hospital in Danvers, Massachussetts, is being threatened with the wrecking ball. To help preserve this historic structure, click here and sign the e-petition.

My thanks to Emerson "Oz" Hart for bringing Virgnia Hey's White Flower Lei site to my attention. These are aromatherapy products handmade by Hey (who, I should not have to tell you, played Zhaan on Farscape), and there's even a 30%-off sale in progress. Please check it out.

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