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"Sometimes, the hate in me is keeping me alive."

So, after two or three years of putting off what I could see was becoming increasingly inevitable – Wait. Can "inevitability" increase? I don't think so. Likelihood, yes, probability, but not inevitability. can. – Anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes. I have put this off as long as I could, and, probably, longer than I ought have. Sometime this week this blog will move to Dreamwidth. Actually, most of it's already backed up there, but I'll have to do the transfer thingy again. The blog will still be mirrored here, and I will continue to read and reply to comments here (as I will there). But traffic to this LJ has seen a precipitous drop, much of it over the past few months. As have comments. And, first and foremost, the purpose of this journal has always been to promote my writing, which means it needs to reach as many people as possible, and I need to know, as best I can, that it's accomplishing that.

I don't want to leave LJ behind. I have a permanent account, and I've been here since 2004. But, in comparison to the "old days," posting here is beginning to feel like broadcasting from and/or to the surface of a dead planet.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,491 words on Black Helicopters (working title). On Friday, I wrote 1,763 words on the same. I'm also now proofreading stories for the next short story collection (details TBA soon).

I'm wishing for snow. If it has to be winter, we could at least have snow.

Note (to GoodReads, et al.): Giving something X out of X stars (or whatever) does NOT constitute a review. No, it doesn't. That's called a rating. A review is the rationale behind the rating. And writing a review requires that you, at the very least, compose sentence-like strings of words in order to critique prose, story, character, etc.

By the way, if anyone's in the mood to toss a spectacularly cool Yule gift my way, there's this new Folio Society edition of Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories*. I had a book-gasm just looking at the images online. I blame eluneth, as she included the link in a recent comment. And, too, Spooky and I both have Amazon wish lists. I'll post links to those later. Somehow, it's always a hassle.

Last night, we both got our influenza vaccinations. Better late than never. The flu is now "widespread" in Rhode Island. Also, I felt like doing it as a token "fuck you" to anti-vaccination fear-mongering nitwits. You know, those people bringing back vanquished childhood diseases, the ignoramuses out there fanning the sparks that can lead to epidemics? The folks who can't distinguish science from fashionable nonsense and wishful thinking? Who think their right to behave like fools means that they can also place their kids (and the rest of us) at risk? Yeah, them. Now, I just have to hope I dodge the bug for the two weeks it takes to develop the antibodies. Too bad there's not a vaccine for headaches (I currently have one, as the air in the house is much too dry). Anyway, no insurance, so $49.99.

Gotta write...

Aunt Beast

* If you actually plan to do so, you ought email Spooky at dreamingsquid(at)gmail(dot)com to be sure no one's beat you to it.
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