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"Ocean, help me find a way. Ocean, wash us all away."

First Thing: The new video from How To Destroy Angels for "Ice Age," directed by John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition). My thanks to Josh Cruz for bringing it to me attention. It is, as Josh said, "A hypnotic, unexpected, lovely thing with a slow building malignancy." Exactly. I think this song is going to become very personal to me; it come be my prayer. I'd embed it, but neither YouTube nor Vevo seems to have a code that allows me to embed it in LJ. So, there's a link below...BUT FIRST, see Second Thing, below.

Second Thing: TODAY ONLY (and I should have posted this before, but I didn't know), The Drowning Girl: A Memoir is 50% off at Gaiman Presents. 50%. Also, Montasmu at NGP has chosen it as the best novel of 2012!!! Yeah, woot.

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