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"What is an ocean, but a multitude of drops? "

I am realizing all over again that, as with books, and as with paintings, with all art...there are human beings who are simply too stupid to be trusted with great film. I saw yesterday that a reviewer at CNN has chosen Cloud Atlas the second worst film of 2012. Then it was pointed out to me that a reviewer at Time chose it as the worst film of the year. Pause to ponder the stupidity. My feelings on Cloud Atlas were made plain here after I saw it. They haven't changed, excepting that I regret I've not yet seen the film again, and that I likely never will see it again on a big screen. Looking at shit like the Time and CNN articles, I'd say it's sad. And, yeah, okay, it is sad in the sense that the film and those who created it deserved to be lauded, not punished, for their brilliance, audacity, and vision.* Frankly, I suspect the nonlinear narrative and brilliant casting sleight of hand is more than many minds can process. These things are perceived as "gimmicks" or "tricks" to disguise what must be a lousy movie, because the alternative – that the viewer isn't thinking hard enough – is unpalatable. At least it still has an 8.2 at IMDb. And, you know, while we're at it, shouldn't "best of" and "worst of" lists be released after the end of the year? Is it a given that much anticipated films like Lo Imposible, The Hobbit, Django Unchained, and Zero Dark Thirty (and etcetera) are going to suck and aren't even worthy of consideration?

Yesterday, I wrote 1,475 words on the Black Helicopters novella (working title).

Last night, we began watching Season Two of The Wire, read Chapter Two of Book Six of The Lord of the Rings** (which, of course, can be found in The Return of the King), and I read two more chapter of the very good Charles Fort biography.

Fuck the Shitbirds,
Aunt Beast

* Also, Cloud Atlas gets four thumbs up for refusing the 3-D trend.
** Of course, it's become cool – in the name of political correctness – to condemn Tolkien, but those folks can go fuck themselves, as well.
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