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"Crackers Don't Matter" (FS 2:4)

You know, one day we're going to want all this life back...

These walls you've built around yourself.
You can't take another step until they're gone.
~ Assemblage 23

Yesterday, I wrote another 1,565 words on Black Helicopters (definitely a working title). I'm actually almost enjoying writing something that I'm actually almost enjoying writing.

Not much else to yesterday. But then there rarely is anything else but the writing. Spooky made yummy turkey chili for dinner. I discovered that Wasa light rye crisp bread is not a fit substitute for Saltines. Nutritionally better, sure, whatever. But they taste like shit. No, they taste like cardboard. Anyway, belatedly I discovered, after choking a few down that they're not much lower in calories, even if they are zero fat. Flavorless fiber wafers. No. Back to the drawing board. Maybe papadum, though I may I have no idea about the calories/fat involved with papadum. And why the hell this fucking obsession with crackers?

We watched four more episodes of Nurse Jackie, which really is very good. I rped with stsisyphus in The Secret World. I read another chapter of the Charles Fort biography. Spooky downloaded the new Angry Birds Star Wars. Visual fucking crack. With lightsabers. And Darth Pork.

I haven't left the house since Friday evening. I know.

And now, words.

Aunt Beast
Tags: black helicopters, dieting, farscape, food, fort, gaming, shut in, star wars, time, time displacement
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