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oh, crud...

I actually managed to spend two hours frelling around with livejournal settings yesterday. Two hours! I should have been writing, and I could have at least been doing something looking at porn.

It's eeeeevil, this lj technology. Eeeeevil. I'm sure of it. It's like crack for my eyeballs (which are itchy and red and watery). I have a theory. My obsession with rearranging things on a LCD screens stems directly from the fact that as a small child I was deprived of LiteBrite. I must have asked for a LiteBrite every Xmas for five years and one never materialized. This iBook is my revenge. Or something like that. This theory made a lot more sense twenty minutes ago when I was sitting on the toilet.

On Monday, when my agent wants to know why I don't have the proposal for the Next Novel done, I'll have to point at lj and explain how much time was required to get my custom color setting just right (they still aren't, by the way).

"Joe bear bunny monkey poo!" I don't know what it means, but Spooky just said it to my cat.

I am not awake, I am not awake.

And these choices will be the end of me.

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