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"And some say that it loops forever, this road that I lose you on..."

My responsibility as an author, the responsibility that I have chosen, is to make readers ask themselves, "What the fuck was that?" I just tweeted this, and I posted it on Facebook. And then, to Spooky, I elaborated on it at some length. And I said, "I need to write all this down before I forget what I said," but I fear I already have. Why my dubious career has taken the dubious shape that it has. Too many, maybe most, readers do not want to confront uncertainty. Genuine uncertainty. This is, after all, as Lovecraft told us, our greatest fear. And I don't mean that people do not want to read about uncertainty, I mean that people do not want to have to experience uncertainty continuously as they read, with no resolution. I believe people mostly want bedtime stories. And yes, there is a time and there is a place for bedtime stories. But I cannot write bedtime stories, and when I try, I only pervert them into anti-bedtime stories. I'm not talking about anything that would be called "horror." I'm talking about writing genuine uncertainty, and making no effort to dispel the fact that uncertainty is, possibly, that thing that dominates our every waking moment, all our lives long.

Well, that's sort of what I said to Spooky.

Last night, we saw Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's Intruders (2011), which was quite good. Which explains why it has a 5.2 at IMDb.

Who has time to think? I mean, even those people who can think, who has the time? Isn't that why we have Twitter and Facebook? Aren't there apps now that help alleviate thought?

The four-day weekend hasn't been so bad, except that I woke up on Thursday with fairly brutal sinus pain that won't go away. No big deal. It happens. I only wish it had waited until next week when I was writing, and so would be miserable anyway. Oh, I will be beginning a novella tentatively titled Black Helicopters. I have two weeks to write it, and then I take a genuine vacation, two weeks long.

I woke to snow. It's halfway sticking. Powdering rooftops, limbs, power lines. But it's 37˚F out there, and winter will remain ugly today, I fear. The snow will not be permitted to smother it and smooth away the hard black edges.

Oh, this weekend Dark Horse Digital is having an "Angels and Demons sale," which includes the full-run of Alabaster: Wolves. You can get all five issues for just .99¢ each. If you haven't met Dancy, Maisie, and the bird, here's your chance.


We had a late breakfast yesterday at the very marvelous Classic Café on Westminster. Wonderful food at a decent price. Blueberry pancakes as big as my head. And yeah, this means I fell off the damn diet, but I'll be back come Monday. When I have to go back to being miserable, remember? This evening, we may go see Anna Karenina. If the snow keeps falling, it would help me into the proper headspace for the film. Also, I have to see Lincoln and The Life of Pi* before year's end. A shame I haven't seen Skyfall, but, at this point, it may have to wait for DVD. Also, I regret being unable to find time to picket The Twilight Saga: Breaking Wind - Part 2.

Last night, at midnight PST (4 ayem CST), the plug was pulled on City of Heroes and Villains (CoX). I went in on Thursday and took a few photos of my characters. I can't say I'll miss the game, certainly not as a game, but it did give me some of the best RP I've ever had.

There are rumors I may be in Cambridge tomorrow, but we're playing it by ear.

I should wrap this up. It's beginning to feel like work.

Aunt Beast

* Actually, no matter how brilliant it might be, I will not see The LIfe of Pi, as the knowledge that a brilliant film has been made in 3-D makes me ill. This is why I have not seen Scorsese's Hugo. There are directors who should not stoop so low.
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