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So, I have 114 interested readers and a very enthusiastic publisher. Therefore, I have decided to proceed with the erotica project. I'll probably be writing these pieces in my "spare time" over the next month or two. I'll post details about the book very soon, possibly later today, as soon as everything's agreed upon. I can tell you that the book will consist of probably ten vignettes of approximately 2,000 words each, and there will be an illustrator. As for the pros and cons of sex as a story element, I know when it's best to shut my mouth. Well, no, that's really not true, If it were, I never would have started this in the first place. But, in closing, I did want to quote this bit from my discussion phorum, because I don't think I could have said it better myself:

I had always felt that in Caitlin's work, it [sex] was unnecessary, and may even be ruinous. As she says, she's not writing things just to frighten, but the things she writes are frightening. More than that, though, they are finely crafted tales of tension. Having that sort of release inside of the story could lead to it being undone, the tension breaking and we, the readers, finding out that the wizard is really just a guy with a balloon, after all...


I seem to be getting a headache.

Yesterday, we proofed the afterwords for To Charles Fort, With Love. Today, I really will send the ms. to Subterranean Press. Spooky and I finally read through "Bradbury Weather," which I'd not read since late September. I like this story a great deal. It might even be my best sf story yet, and the ending may not have the problems that I feared it did. I also signed 100 copies of Silk for Bill Schafer. Heaven only knows what he intends to do with them all. So, yesterday was a day of details.

Today will probably be the same.

Daughter of Hounds is growing quite impatient with me. I'll be back to work on it on Thursday, at the latest. Today, I see I have to send a bio and photograph to my lit agent that she can forward to my Italian publisher. Maybe I'll send one of the blood-bath photos. The weather today is still warm, but clouds came in late yesterday. We sat on the front porch as they hid the sun. It's very nice to be able to sit on one's front porch with bare feet in February.

Last night, I read a couple of chapters of the Blackwood biography, then Spooky and I discovered we could search LJ by states, and, better yet, by countries, and proceeded to spend two whole hours reading the blogs of teenage girls and geeky boys in Thailand and Indonesia. Someday, I'll have to tell you all about Ruru and Chichi, whom I now adore.

A new story occurred to me day before yesterday. An sf story. At first I thought it could be one of the erotica pieces, but then it grew quiet suddenly into an actual story-type story, and now I shall have to write it. And I will have to make an effort not to let all the vignettes do that, sprout greater ambitions, or I'll never get the book frelling written.

Leh'agvoi sent me the first page of the Nar'eth "winter manga," and it's looking quite drad. Colour and everything. Of course, since it's taking place on Nebari Prime, most of the colour is white...

But the draddest thing this morning is the arrival of my very own Lovecraft rat, a gift from the talented and very generous Lisa Snellings. My HPL rat is now sitting on my desk, perched atop the Necronomicon, a little Cthulhu at his side. You would all benefit from keeping company with a Lovecraft rat, or a Poe rat, or a Neil rat.

Er...okay. They're telling me my hour is up. Time to play in traffic.

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