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"Collar me. Don't collar me."

Thank you for yesterday's supportive comments. They're much appreciated.

There was sun when I woke, but now the sky is leaden. Only 39˚F out there (before windchill). The nights go on forever, this time of year. I try to console myself with the knowledge that in only twenty-six days more the days will begin the grow longer.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,201 words and finished Chapter Six of Fay Grimmer. So, today I begin Chapter Seven, the final chapter of the novel, which will be completed (the novel and the chapter) by the 30th, at the latest. I did realize yesterday that the book's profanity (of which there's a lot) lacks diversity. It adheres too closely to the basics. So, there will be a special profanity editing process, to replace mundane foul language with more creative foul language. People are free to think I'm a sell out, but I won't have them thinkin' I can't cuss.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Bid if you are able and interested. Thanks.

Last night, Spooky and I began watching The Wire, which is starting off quite nicely (and now someone will assure me that after Season One, or Two, or Three, or whatever, it goes to absolute shit, and I'm a creep if I don't agree, and I might mean you, Kiki Lang). Oh, and I did leave the House on Friday night, after a week inside. Left it again last night, too. Kill your fears.

I've Got My Spine,
Aunt Beast
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