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"I try not to listen, but I hear you."

Mille fois merci, M. l'insomnie.

Very short entry. The beginning of my ongoing penance for having allowed The Drowning Girl: A Memoir to languish back in the spring. Oh, I know. The damage is done. But guilt is a very powerful motivator.

Again, what I said yesterday: The audiobook of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, is superb. Direct from Neil Gaiman presents, via Audible, and Suzy Jackson does a great job. Oh, and people often ask me where and how they should purchase my books so that I will best benefit from the sale, and usually, I reply that it doesn't much matter (used copies aside). But I get 50% of all audiobook sales on The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, for what it's worth. So, everyone wins.

Also, the novel seems to have pissed off some dude with a very tiny dick. The guy who labeled it "Androphobic, pretentious crap." Maybe I owe him an apology, for foisting my "lesbic manure" off on unsuspecting and insecure males. Unless the "review" was written by a woman, which would be interesting, I admit. Okay, so if it was written by a woman, I apologize to the woman with the very tiny dick. There. My good deed for the day is done.

Androphobically Yours,
Aunt Beast
Tags: "reviews", audiobooks, homophobia, idiots, insomnia, lesbians, sexism, the drowning girl

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