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back to work

The weather is better. The temperatures reached the mid-fifties yesterday afternoon, which is at the lower end of my comfort zone. It's not freezing in my office today. The mammoths and musk oxen stomped away in disgust (I suspect they'll be back).

Not such a bad day off. We had lunch at Sweet Lime on Euclid. Then a stop by Videodrome. Then ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. I'd been craving ice cream that last couple of days, though it's something I usually have no interest in (like chocolate, which generally bores me silly). We'd talked about seeing House of Flying Daggers and went so far as to show up for the 4:15 screening, but it had been moved to a smaller screen, which meant we might as well wait for the DVD. Barbeque for dinner from Dusty's. We'd rented the remake of The Grudge, along with Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. I'm not opposed to American remakes of foreign films, not on principle, but it's something that should be done only if the filmmaker intends to add, to expand, to somehow alter and, hopefully, enrich the experience offered by the original. The remake of The Grudge is a dumbed-down, spoon-fed mess, sometimes shot-for-shot the original, a little gorier, less story, easier to understand, a more defined central character, etc. Dull. Ghost in the Shell: Innocence was a little better, but much of the conventional cell animation (which was unevenly mixed with CGI), was stiff and uninvolving. The film had its moments, here and there, and the ending was rather nice. But I'd expected more, and after Casshern last weekend, I feel as though certain standards have been raised again. This film would have impressed me a lot more in, say, 1999, than in 2005. So, good day, not so great movies (it was the first time I'd left the house since the ice-storm on Saturday, January 29th). I finally went to bed and read another chapter of the Blackwood biography.

Today, I have to go over various little line edits in the To Charles Fort, With Love ms. with Jennifer. Is this comma right? Is this one wrong? "Anymore" or "any more" in this instance? Should I drop that hyphen? And so forth. Hopefully, it won't take us longer than an hour. I generally trust my own judgment in these matters, but it's nice to get a second opinion on those few doubtful points. Then I need to e-mail the entire ms. for TCF,WL to Subterranean Press. I also have to sign a hundred copies of Silk for Bill Schafer. And I need to read through "Bradbury Weather" again and see whether or not the ending really does need work. I suspect it does. That's my today. I'm actually kind of glad to be back at work.

I suppose that's it for this entry. So, onward.

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