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"Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain."

Miserable weather here in Providence. Rainy, 48˚Fahrenheit, twilight at one in the afternoon.'s that time again. Please, give a serious thought or two to preordering a copy of the hc Alabaster: Wolves. Thank you.

Nothing was written yesterday on Chapter Four of Fay Grimmer. That would be a total count of 0 words. Because the day became consumed by an insane round of haggling over deadlines, and me trying to pull nonexistent time out of my ass. And giving up on taking the last two weeks of November off. And trying to keep the anger in check. Perhaps I'll cease checking my email until the evening, at which point I'll ignore my email until the next morning. But since I won't be checking my email in the morning...yeah, that could work.

readingthedark drove down from Framingham yesterday evening, and while I waited I read Gord Sellar's "Of Melei, of Ulthar," in The Book of Cthulhu II (edited by Ross E. Lockheart; Night Shade Books). Though I am entirely unfamiliar with the author, I was impressed. People play in Lovecraft's sandbox, and everyone goes for the tentacles and fishmen. Too few writers even seem aware of HPL's Dunsanian Dreamlands. Sellar's isn't only aware of them; with "Of Melei, of Ulthar," he's written a story that manages to perfectly capture the essence, the mood, of the source material and to deliver a well-drawn narrator/protagonist* that HPL would never have attempted. Bravo.

esanko, the box was opened yesterday morning. Gods, what an extraordinary gift! It will, once it has been painted and fully assembled, take a place of pride somewhere amongst my paleo' treasures. Truly, in all my life, I have been given few gifts so wonderful, and I thank you and everyone else involved. I'd be posting photos, but there wasn't really time yesterday or last night to take them.

And there's this: Giant Eyeball Found on Beach (Hint: It's not as mysterious as everyone is making it to be. Yesterday was a slow news day.)

Multus Ne Multus,
Aunt Beast

* Can a genuine protagonist exist in the absence of a genuine antagonist? Then again, can they be one and the same?
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