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"Left for dead. Heaven is only in my head."

Yes, it's true. Blood Oranges has received a glowing blurb from the witch who Willow Rosenberg went down on. Amber Benson says, In the conjuring of Blood Oranges, Caitlin R. Kiernan has created a pedal to the metal, balls to the wall female antihero who doesn't give a damn if you like her or not...which totally made me love her. So, I don't know. Buy a copy. But. First.

Before you even think about preordering Blood Oranges, be sure you've preordered Alabaster: Wolves. Please, please, and thank you. Team Dancy and all that, right? Right. Also, a big thank you to Larry Carlin, even though I'm not entirely certain why. Last night, the preorder numbers for the hardcover rose as high as (that I saw) 4,930 at Amazon, which put it at number five among Dark Horse titles, both in print and forthcoming. Which is amazing. This book might just have a future, after all. There are three screen caps behind the cut (I am driven by a Darwinian imperative to preserve these moments for posterity; thank you Spooky, for editing and uploading them):


Yesterday, I wrote 1,741 words on Fay Grimmer. Later, at the market, I had a sort of epiphany regarding the novel (the sort that holding to outlines and proposals tends to retard), that will make of it a much better book, which solves my problem with Chapter Two, which changes the story rather radically, and which could make the ms. a couple or three thousand words longer. It's weird, how this shit happens.

After the writing, Spooky and I went to the Avon to see Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. This is, indeed, a brilliant film. Essentially flawless. Which came as no surprise, as Anderson numbers among my favorite directors. Both Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix deliver exemplary performances. It's landed on my list of the Ten Best of the Year So Far. See it, if you can. It was good to be out. We rarely see films in the evening anymore, given how much cheaper matinée prices are. Plus, it's vastly more pleasant seeing films at the Avon, an actual theater, as opposed to those googolplex theme park food court 3-D purveyors at the malls. Those are not theaters. They don't even smell like theaters. They smell like "nacho cheese" and antiseptic spray. Anyway...

Did I say thank you, Amber?

Oh, night before last, an unexpected, but very nice, RP scene in Cox. Sort of a footnote to my "final" scene a week or two ago. Thank you, stsisyphus.

And, also, a thank you to esanko. The package arrived last night. I'm about to open it. There will be photos.

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