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fourteen boxes later...

So, the courier guy finally shows up yesterday. And it turns out that someone at Penguin, someone who apprently is under the impression I own a frelling warehouse, had marked the shipment for outside delivery. Fourteen boxes of Silk all plastic wrapped onto a huge wooden pallet. I thought at first they were just going to leave the thing sitting in our driveway. Fortunately, the driver helped Spooky carry the boxes up onto the porch. They are now stacked about the house and will be until I can get them to our storage unit. By the way, I can say now that Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press was the patron who made all this possible. Through his generosity, I'll be able to keep earning a little off this book until we can get it back into print somewhere. There is some chance that Roc will publish it as a mass-market paperback, as they're planning to do eventually with Threshold, Low Red Moon, and Murder of Angels. Thanks, Bill.

And speaking of Mr. Schafer, he called yesterday to say that people wanting to purchase a copy of the hardback edition of Low Red Moon from him should order now. It looks like the lettered edition is sold out now and the numbered is almost sold out. The book is scheduled to ship on February 8th (that's this coming Tuesday). Click on the banner below to order:

As for yesterday, the whole thing was spent revising and re-revising the ms. for To Charles Fort, With Love. It's now almost ready to go to the publisher tomorrow. This is a book that I very much hope that I'll be happy with.

Anyway, that's it for now. A day off, remember? If I should owe you an e-mail—and I know that I owe many of you e-mails—don't expect anything today. I'm out of here...

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