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"I walk with others in me, yearning to get out."

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than waste it wishing I had wings.


Tomorrow will mark the four-month anniversary of the Tattoo. Which I still loathe. Because it's still blue-green, instead of black. Which I explicitly asked (and paid) for. And I've been seeing some beautiful black-work online. Tomorrow may, then, be the perfect day to see someone about this thing on my arm, someone who is competent and experienced. I made the mistake of thinking the girl who did the Tattoo was both of those things. Live and learn (and I've learned a lot since that day). This is my scar, and we live with our scars. Don't I say that all the time? Yes, well, this is a scar I mean to reshape, one way or the other. Removal. Coverage. Razors are not out of the question.


Guys, the Alabaster: Wolves hc is still showing good preorder numbers. If we can just hold this for another couple of, if you haven't preordered, please do. If you want to see more. And if you want me to shut the fuck up about this. I know I want me to shut the fuck up about this. But we have some momentum, and so I cannot stop pushing now. Ergo, please, please preorder. It's going to be a beautiful volume, that much I can promise. Oh, something from a comment yesterday. burningwax wrote (I added the red highlights for emphasis):

If you go to your local comic shop and they order from Diamond tell them the preorder code is Oct12 0031
This is from previews
SPOT OCT12 0031 ALABASTER WOLVES HC (C: 0-1-2) 02/13
I talked him into allowing me to print out an 8 1/2 " x 11 " with the preorder code to post near his register. He said if you care enough to help me sell something who am I to stop you.

This is a damn fine idea, and thank you, burningwax for showing such bow-tie initiative. Anyway, let's keep it up there kittens. We are making this happen, and to quote Capt. Reynolds, "That makes us mighty." Here are Amazon screen caps from yesterday and today, behind the cut:


This morning.


Time to take her home.
Her dizzy head is conscience laden.
Time to wait too long, to wait too long,
To wait too long.
~ "Big Empty," Stone Temple Pilots


Two big announcements from Subterranean Press pending.

But yesterday I wrote 1,405 words on Fay Grimmer. This means I only have 26,100 words left to write on this book. And then it will be done, and I can move on, to That Which I Want To Write. Thank Saint Fuck.

Skimming Grateful, Skirting Bitter,
Aunt Beast
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