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"Give them hell, Your Majesty."

I post this image as a tribute to Lizbeth Gévaudan, the succubus I spent the summer playing in the soon the be late and lamented City of Heroes and Villains (the picture is actually fairly close to her fully demonic form):

Painting by Drew Posada*

I have to admit, as much as I HATED the actual gameplay of Cox, the RP was the second best, and perhaps tied for best, RP I have ever had. The first would go to the short-lived Second Life Dune sim (early 2007) that I had the great satisfaction of effectively nuking when the idiots who "ran" it got too..idiotic. Anyway.

Yes, Liz. It was fun. Oh, and I have no idea who did this painting. I stole it from somewhere online*.

Already Missing an Alter Ego,
Aunt Beast
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