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"Your part of town against mine."

Firstly and most importantly: You may now preorder the Alabaster: Wolves hardcover from Amazon. Just follow the link. I cannot impress upon you strongly enough how important it is – if there is to be more Alabaster comics – that we have very good preorder numbers. So, please. If you can, preorder. Thank you.

If there are ~2,500 preorders, we'll be doing good. Now, between LJ, Twitter, and Facebook alone, I have 8,040 followers, friends, and whatnot. If a mere 31% of those people preorder, there you go. Plus, of course, there will be people who don't follow me online who preorder, but this is called covering all your bases (I hate sports metaphors).

Preorders matter. A lot. Also, while you're on the Amazon page, click the little "like" thingy at the top. Just for shits and giggles. Oh, there will be some extra stuff in the hc, but I don't know what. I don't have much say in that department.


Halloween the First.


Yesterday, I retrofitted the second half of Chapter Three of Fay Grimmer, and started Chapter Four over again. I wrote ~1,103 words (precise approximation!), but was able to salvage another 3,371 words, so...I'm going to pretend I wrote 4,474 words yesterday. It's nice to play pretend. Regardless, at this moment, all that matters is that I'm almost halfway through the book, which means I'm more than halfway through the "trilogy."


If the wonder is gone when the truth is known, there never was any wonder. ~ Gregory House, MD


Did I mention how important it is that you preorder Alabaster: Wolves?

Double Checking,
Aunt Beast

Postscript (6:04 p.m., and of no discernible significance, other than a drunken summer night in 1993):

Is there a line that I could write
Sad enough to make you cry?
All the lines you wrote to me were lies.
The months roll past, the love that you struck dead.
Did you love me only in my head?
~ The Gin Blossoms
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