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Six Months

Today, six months ago, Sméagol died. I didn't even realize this was the anniversary until Spooky reminded me during dinner, which made me feel shitty. I should have remembered. I should have.

I've grown hard, and so rarely love.

But now we have Selwyn.

I don't buy any of that "Rainbow Bridge" crap. But. Nothing is ever truly over.


Sep. 30th, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
Smeagol was a fine cat and well loved. That is no small thing.

Nothing is truly over. Whatever is or isn't 'on the other side,' my feelings are if there's a place and my cats aren't there then I'm not going to be truly happy.

Our beloved The Bit died 2 yrs ago as Smeagol died, her heart gave out and she was gone almost immed. A few minutes before, she'd be on the bed w. me and had jumped down to either potty or get a drink. Only a few minutes later she collapsed by the side of the bed and let out an awful, awful sound. I only had enough time to get out of bed and kneel by her. She died w. my hands on her before anything could be done. That is my only odd comfort, that I was touching her and she wasn't alone when she abruptly left.