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Panthalassa & Emerald Bay

By Neptune's barnacle-encrusted balls, this is incredible. Not a new band, but a new discovery and a new favorite: Giant Squid. sovay, take heed! Hear all their music at, and it's all purchasable via Amazon. Love at first listen.

The dreams are upon me again with impossible seas filled to the brim with equally impossible things with preposterous amounts of teeth
Hereto I command an immortal ship and all ten hands on deck
Standing abreast with the finest men, each thick headed and hell bent on seeing this through for reasons all their own
Patching the sails with the shirts off their back, I need not sail alone the highest crests will fall like the rest under our battered hull
The beast filled troughs our bow will cross atop their cartilage skulls
The chill of the wind carries the hymn of things sounding disappointingly human
I'm quick to remind my men to ignore these beauties with green skin
A sure sign their blood is too thin, singing lampreys that will suck you dry
This sea has no end
Each of you will give in
Only a matter of time before I bring you all bliss

~ "Panthalassa (Lamperta tridentata)," Giant Squid

Tags: giant squid, ichthyology, music, panthalassa, the sea

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